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Hospital Corridors

The Novel cool refrigerator is an advanced invention in the healthcare space for guaranteed delivery of quality vaccines. The top delivery challenge in India & other developing countries is last-mile delivery of vaccines as it reaches the end-beneficiary. Vaccines are extremely temperature sensitive and need to be kept in a cold chain from the moment they are manufactured until they are administered. Experts say, probably the biggest reason for slow eradication of diseases in India such as polio is because of the lack of efficiency in last mile connectivity of the cold chain.

The Novel cool vaccine carrier is a portable refrigerator which can be carried on the shoulder or strapped onto a two-wheeler or placed inside any vehicle. It can be run on 12V DC power of a vehicle or on AC mains when power is available. In addition, if there is no access to power, a portable battery back-up can also be attached to keep the unit running. The Novel cool is controlled by a thermostat that maintains the set temperature, so that the vaccines always remain in the desired temperature till it reaches the end-beneficiary.

NOVEL Coolbox Vaccine Carrier 12L

Product: 2 in 1 Fridge & Warmer

Technology: Thermo-electric technology

Temperature Control: Digital Temp. Control (-5 to +60˚C).

Power Consumption: 65W.

Input: 12/24V DC, 230v AC.

Battery: Portable rechargeable battery of 3 hrs.(@5˚C).

Dimensions (L*W*H): 450x300x350 / 410x210x210 mm

Capacity: 12L

Available Brands
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