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Image by Nastuh Abootalebi
EV Fridge
E-fridge for 2 Wheeler

Product: Mobile Fridge-Freezer TFF-15

Technology:DC Compressor technology

Temperature Control: Digital Temp. Control (-20 to +20˚C).

Power Consumption: 60W.

Input: 12/24V DC, 230v AC.

Battery: battery lasts upto 10 hrs set at @5˚C (@30deg. Ambient)

Dimensions outer : 570 x 320 x 260 mm

Inner dimensions: 350 x 240 x 175 mm

Capacity: 15L

Battery Backup: Optional

E-fridge for 3 Wheeler

Technology: DC Compressor technology. Refrigerant R134a.

Temperature: Digital Temp. Control (-18 to +20 deg.)

Input: 12/24V DC, 230v AC

Power Consumption: 200W

Dimensions (LxWxH): 1078x900x1000 mm

Capacity: 450L

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