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OEM Products
We strive to be a preferred vendor for car gadgets & accessories to OEMs, Channel partners, Distributors & end users. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations of product quality & delivery, while ensuring that all requirements are met.
Tropicool has been a supplier since the year 2000 to OEMs in India. We introduced many innovative gadgets & accessories for the first time in an Indian vehicle such as the Reverse view camera, LCD in an IRV Mirror & Car Refrigerator in the Tata Safari SUV.

We offer a wide range of products from reverse camera systems, LCD monitors & screens, fridges & freezers designed for vehicles, various charging gadgets like 12V sockets, USB sockets, and power conversion gadgets like dc to ac inverters and dc to dc converters. Our product range is offered in every vehicle category from Trucks, Cars, Buses, Caravans to Special Military & Defence Vehicles.

Vehicle CCTV Surveillance Systems
Rear View Cameras And Parking Sensors
Charging Gadgets
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LED Monitors And Media Players
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