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A rechargeable battery back-up for Tropicool portable refrigerators.

Portable Battery Pack For Car Fridge

SKU: 0011
    • The all-new 10000mAh Tropicool Power Bank is a portable powerhouse that ensures your car fridge keeps running without a vehicle battery or any other power source. Ideal to use when camping at remote locations, when the vehicle is parked and a plug point is unavailable.


    • Back-up time upto 3 hours
    • Plug the DC cord of the car fridge to the battery’s DC socket to start back up
    • Compatible with Thermo-electric range of car refrigerators


    • LED Indicator for battery charging status
    • When battery is charging, LED turns RED indicating charging started.
    • LED turns GREEN when charging is complete.


    • Charging Adaptor for recharging battery


    • Battery backup plugged in to DC socket of the refrigerator
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