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A sophisticated and smartly designed mount for a full view, hands free use of your mobile phone / GPS device on the go.

Mobile Phone Holder

SKU: 0010
    • Safe and hands-free use of your mobile device while driving with this car windshield mounted holder. An essential accessory when using your device as a phone, navigator, player or journey recorder


    • Strong Silicon suction mount, tested to withstand up to 60⁰C heated glass.
    • Quick and easy 360 degrees rotation for easy viewing.
    • Four-point lock provides a secure hold for your device under all conditions
    • Fits phone upto 6.5 inches
    • Warranty: 1 Year



    • Smooth release button for single hand operation
    • Easy mount and release your device with one hand while driving, without taking both hands off the wheel




    • Strong suction mount
    • High-quality silicone suction base gives sturdiness and security
    • Quick and easy rotation
    • Switch easily between landscape and portrait view with one twist
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