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Multi-function Emergency tool

More InformationCapacityNABuilt-in-BatteryYesSolar PowerNoDimensions15 x 2 x 8 cmsModel NoRTC 701Weight1kgHSN Code82052000

4 In 1 Rescue Hammer Tool

SKU: 0008
    • Stay prepared for emergencies with this 4 in 1 multifunctional rescue tool. This product is ideal for cars, school buses & vans. In case of: accidents when the vehicle's central locking or power windows system fails. Or in case of floods when water rushes into car and doors get jammed or in case of Fire in the vehicle. It can be used to break windows, cut the seat belts and torch light. Regular hammer and Torch for camping, picnics etc. Window glass breaker hammer


    • Seat belt cutter
    • Bright LED torch
    • Regular hammer
    • Torch battery included with product
    • Warranty: 1 Year



    • Flat hammer for outdoor use during camping, tent setup or for minor repairs during breakdown
    • Sharp hammer- use to break window glass in case locked in or central locking fails.
    • Seat belt cutter- cut seat belt in case of accidents




    • Long range powerful LED Torch
    • Useful as a search light, during breakdown or tyre changing in the dark or signal emergency when needed.




    • Sturdy and durable.
    • Ideal for break downs, emergencies, off roading and camping


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