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Tropicool – a one-stop system supplier for vehicle surveillance, Motorindia Magazine Nov 2018

Tropicool Car Gadgets Pvt. Ltd. showcased its complete product portfolio comprising of safety gadgets, camera and display screens at the fair. The most prominent of all these electrical accessories was the mobile digital video recorder (MDVR) complying with AIS 140 as well as the BIS norms prevalent for the bus bodybuilders. “Our MDVR is an Analogue High Definition (AHD) technology that gives superior quality video recording even in low resolution as well as rough road conditions, while sustaining the vibration of bad roads. It is available with 20 configurations (4G/GPS/Wi-Fi, etc.) and can record as low as 2 days of recording to more than 3 months recording. It can be connected with upto 8 camera solutions and comes with a metal casing,” said Ms. Khushboo Shinagare, GM – Sales & Marketing, Tropicool. Read More here

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