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Mobile Fridge-Freezer TFF15
Mobile Fridge-Freezer TFF15
All new 2 in 1 fridge-freezer that can chill in minutes. DC Compressor freezer.
Price                         ₹ 28,000.00
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All new 2 in 1 portable fridge-freezer that can chill in minutes. High efficiency DC Compressor freezer for Cars, Truck, RV, Boat Camping, Parties, Outdoor & Last mile delivery.

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  • Suitable for storing meat, ice cream, dairy products, medical kits, vaccines that require sub-zero temperatures etc.

  • Wide cooling range: +20°c to -20 °c

  • High capacity: fits 20 Cans, 12 bottles of 550ml, 6 bottles of 750ml

  • Temperature Indicator LED display

  • Easy to use touch-button digital control panel

  • Frost free, anti-leakage inner cabinet

  • Includes AC & DC cords for home as well as car use

  • Rechargeable built-in battery option available

  • New feature USB charging port for mobile phones.

  • Suitable for 4x4 vehicles.

  • Safe to run on angles up to 45° from horizontal great for 4WD off roading!

  • Vibrations proof

  • Turbo cooling DC Compressor

  • Super fast freezing

  • Smart temp. control

  • Car Battery Protection system, does not drain battery. Auto cut off when car battery is low.

  • Adjustable ECO and MAX modes. ECO mode for energy saving. MAX mode for quick cooling

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