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Portable Car Fridge & Warmer 12AD 3.0
Portable Car Fridge & Warmer 12AD 3.0
Sleek and high performance, Portable Car Fridge & Warmer 12AD 3.0, with digital control panel
Price                           ₹ 17,570.00
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  • Make your trips and picnics a pleasure; store medicines, beverages and food at ideal temperatures with this eco-friendly portable fridge cum warmer. The sleek design combined with rich features makes this product a must-have.

12AD 30  Panel B -1 New.jpg
  • 12 litre capacity fridge cum warmer

  • Thermo-electric Chiller and Warmer

  • Ideal for vehicles, hotels, houses, offices, clinics etc.

  • Cooling Performance: 28-30 degrees below ambient temp.

  • Fits 16 cans, 6 Pints, 4 bottles of 1L

  • Eco- friendly, maintenance free

  • No compressor or refrigerant gas

  • Digital control panel

  • Both AC & DC cords provided for home as well as car use

  • Warranty 2 years

  • Energy efficient, low power consumption

  • Versatile design. Use vertically or horizontally

  • Adjustable panel for easy accommodation of bottles, cans etc

  • Easy to use, soft touch buttons

  • LED display. Set the temperature you require for your different food & beverage needs – Eg: Milk 4°C, Water 5°C, fruits 10°C, warm food 60°C

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