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Tropicool AC To DC Converter 12V DC
Tropicool AC To DC Converter 12V DC
An adaptor for connecting 12V DC gadgets to the AC 220-240V plug points.
Price                           ₹ 1,699.00
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  • Converts 230V AC to to 12V DC. Ideal adaptor to use your car accessories & gadgets like Tyre Inflators, Air compressor, Vacuum cleaner, car music system, Car fridge on AC voltage in your home, office, farm house, etc. Converts 220-240Volts AC to 12Volts DC.

  • Compatible with devices requiring upto 96 Watts of power

  • Equipped with a 12V DC Socket and 8A Output.

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • High power output. Compatible with any device which requires max 96 Watts of power

  • Comes with a DC 12V socket at output end and 2 pin plug at input end. Wire length 2 meters..

  • Make your car accessories work for you at home aswell - air purifier, car vacuum cleaner, air compressor tyre inflator, car music system

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